Damon Albarn “Heavy Seas of Love”
Directed by Damon Albarn

Lily Allen “Sheezus”
Directed by Ruffmercy

The Black Keys “Turn Blue” (Official Audio)
New album out May 13th

The Black Keys “Fever” (Official Audio)
New album “Turn Blue” out May 13th!

The Black Keys
Turn Blue - Out May 13

Lily Allen “Our Time” 
Directed by Chris Sweeney

Kylie Minogue “Sexercise”
Directed by Will Davidson

Skaters “Nice Hat”
Directed by Steven Mertens

The Wild Feathers “Got It Wrong”
Directed by Gus Black

Linkin Park “Guilty All The Same” (Lyric Video)

Skaters “Getting To Know You” / “Long Trip Home” (Web Series)
Directed by Danilo Parra

Damon Albarn “Lonely Press Play”

Skaters “Manhattan” Infomercial

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. “Wherever We Are” (Episode 1)
Directed by Jonathan Fambrough

Skaters “Getting To Know You” / “Basket No Balls” (Web Series)
Directed by Danilo Parra